Come to Le Sentier Tranquille for an individual retreat, or join a group retreat-workshop    

You can come to Le Sentier Tranquille for an individual retreat at any time outside group retreat dates and for any length of stay.  If your first concern is personal therapeutic work, then it would be important to consider this.  Email or telephone us to talk about what you are looking for and how we can meet your needs.

The dates for our group retreat-workshops in 2018 are as follows :

Monday 16th April (arrival) / Saturday 21st April (departure)
Monday 21st May (arrival) / Saturday 26th May (departure)
Tuesday 24th July (arrival) / Sunday 29th July (departure)
Monday 27th August (arrival) / Saturday 1st September (departure)

See what people have said about our group retreats HERE

You may stay for extra days before or after a group retreat at a reduced rate : see 'Contacts and Prices' tab for all rates.

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Retreat-workshops in mindfulness and meditation for personal growth and therapy...
During the retreat you will learn and exchange in a group (and individually with Simon if you wish), in the ‘summer-house’ group-room and the gardens, in talks, in free time, over meals together and on walks in the surrounding forests, hills and mountains.

It is a retreat-workshop which brings together themes of :

        mindful awareness

            personal growth 

                therapeutic development 

If you are a therapist, it would be for you if you would like to explore how looking on meditation as discovery in your work with a client can enrich and facilitate their healing.

If you are anyone who understands how important it is to know oneself in order to achieve the balance needed to thrive in the modern world, then this retreat-workshop is also for you.

Living today is about being ourselves and connecting with others. 
Therapists will link this with immediacy and mindfulness and recall the ‘here and now’ and empathic awareness of Carl Rogers, along with the relationship insights of Martin Buber.  But for everyone, the training in mindfulness, being oneself in the world, and meditation as discovery, which will be the core themes of your stay, will be an inspiration for renewal.

Nothing is set in stone at Le Sentier Tranquille and Simon as facilitator will adjust times and content according to the background and disposition of the group.  As a guide the days will be allocated along these lines:

    day one - developing a mindful way of life : training and practice

    day two - understanding relationship : the insights of Martin Buber

    day three - listening to ourselves and developing a sensing of our needs

    day four - meditation as discovery : passage and direction

Good food and comfortable accommodation in a private room is assured and our price is fully inclusive from the moment you step off the plane or train.

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Look out for : 
Pathways - a philosophic meditation on human relationship by Simon Cole (2017)
Stillness in Mind - a companion to mindfulness, meditation and living  by Simon Cole (Changemakers Books 2014)
Along the Way - themed meditations for day to day living by Simon Cole (2016)

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Hongnan Sun from China:
"The retreat at Le Sentier Tranquille was absolutely enjoyable. The experience I gained from Simon's teaching was very refreshing. Most especially, I learnt to recapture things around me without placing labels on them. For example, when I closed my eyes and heard the birds sing, I started to explore the beauty of the singing, instead of labeling it as bird sound and ignoring it right away. In that way, I could appreciate a lot of things which I used to take for granted. The delicious meals cooked by Janet was definitely another highlight: always fresh and fulfilling. And also, the retreat center itself was such a lovely and peaceful place, it helped me forget the stress of my routines - although the routines were still there, I did not feel stressed."

Mariella Privitera from Malta:
"I liked the way Simon spoke and explained the meditation in simple steps, his method of giving headings to each stage of the journey of the form of meditation he proposes.  It put mindfulness more user-friendly for me to practise on a daily basis.  And now I am feeling the benefits of a daily practice, as uncomplicated easy method to use and look forward to doing it too.  Also I am not so reluctant to do an unguided meditation alone."

Peter Brown from Great Britain:
"There was nothing I did not like... The accommodation and ambience was really relaxing. The other attendees were good company and this helped to make the week. The food was great and we had some great discussions about things that don’t generally crop up in normal conversation. This is not a hard core meditation retreat but that wasn’t what I was after. Altogether a very good week in a fabulous location. Even though the castle walk nearly killed me!"

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