Le Sentier Tranquille a retreat centre in the Pyrenees-Le Sentier Tranquille ... a retreat centre in the Pyrenees

We regret that, owing to the restrictions placed on us due to the coronavirus situation, we are unable to hold our May retreat . We are still hopeful that the 'Music of the Mountains' retreat and the July and August retreats will take place. You can contact us to reserve a place without forfeit of deposit and we will notify you at the earliest opportunity.

Le Sentier Tranquille ... a retreat centre in the Pyrenees

On the edge of a tiny hamlet nestled among the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains in south-west France, Le Sentier Tranquille, The Quiet Path, is a haven of peace... for recuperation, for meditation, for discovering the spirit of living which so easily gets stifled in the hurley-burley of the modern world.

     To find your place in a frantic world, look below at the possibilites we offer...
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For over 12 years people from all over the world have been coming here - on retreat individually; to attend one of our group retreat-workshops; for residential therapy as individuals or couples; to develop mindfulness as a way of being; to learn about relationship... with themselves, with others, with our planet.

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